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Operations at ISKCON YAMUNANAGAR run with the help of volunteers. From Deity worship to communications to cooking to purchasing are carried out by devotees. The hierarchy of management begins with temple president and then there is temple advisory board and then ten departments which assist temple president to run the temple. The list below introduces different devotees who handle some of the tasks. Temple president reports to the Governing Body Commissioners.


The below names are just a few and there are several others with whose devoted services temple runs smoothly.

Governing Body Commissioner : His Holiness Gopal Krishna GoSwami Maharaja


The Temple President:            Divyapurush Dasa  


Festival board                   C.M.rai Nanda

Festival board                   Satpal sharma


Temple construction Board        Dr. Balraj Talvar



Finance & Accounting :           Kailash Kalra


Marketing & Communications :      Divyapurush Dasa, Sunil Chabra    


Preaching :                      Sakchi Gopal Das, Divyapurush       Das,Srivas Charan         Dasa


Sunday Feast:   Srivas Charan  Dasa ,Rasakunj Dasa,Bhakta Amit saini

Hari Bol!