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Outreach Program


The International Society for Krishna Consciousness is a missionary movement introducing the timeless Vedic wisdom to the world. More and more people are looking for alternatives to a life of stress, anxiety, and endless competition. Instead of providing solutions to the real problems of life (birth, disease, old age and death), modern technology is complicating life by stressing economic development and material advancement.


Vedic teachings offer a simple, natural, authentic and practical solution. Hare Krishna devotees at Iskcon Yamunanagar  can demonstrate how to lead a happy life simply by adding the chanting of Hare Krishna.


The Iskcon Yamunanagar community enthusiastically tries to share the chanting and the philosophy of Krishna consciousness with anyone willing to learn. They sell books on the streets, knock at doors, organise talks and workshops at universities, visit homes and put up festivals around the city.

Iskcon Yamunanagar  Outreach Program events:

behaind J.P. Hospital,Jagadhari Road Yamunanagar (Hariyana) Every Monday@ 7:00P.M.

Iskcon YamunaNagar do many house program difrent parts of the City
please contect
Contact Divya Purush Prabhu below:
Hare Krishna dham
Hare Krishna Marg, Jagadhri Road
Yamunanagar 135001
Haryana, India

Phone: 01732-330775, 201428