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In Vishnu Smriti it is said: 

" Goddess of Fortune resides in those who are Charitable " 



There are many ways to support iskcon yamunanagar Project .

Please email us to learn how your contribution could support and uplift the lives of people around the yamunanagar 


 All Contributions are Tax Exempted under 80/G Section of Income Tax Department, Govt. Of India.


Sponsor Sunday Feast

There are two ways you may sponsor Sunday Fiest.

Prepare Fiest yourself. Please find available spot for Sunday Fiest sponsorship on the schedule posted in the temple news board and enter your phone number and name. Then on that Sunday prepare wonderful dishes for Sri Sri Jagnnath, Baldev,Subhadra,

Or if it is convenient, you may donate RS. 2000 and volunteers in the temple will be happy to prepare dishes for Sri Sri Jagnnath, Baldev,Subhadra in your name.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at or via phone at (01732) 201428,330775


Anna Daan Seva For disadvantaged people living in yamunanagar,


Currently,  Food for Life is the largest vegetarian food-relief organization in the world, having distributed an estimated 90 million free meals to the needy of the world, both in cities and in disaster areas. Every 30 seconds someone in the world receives a hot vegetarian meal from a volunteer from ISKCON.

 please contact us at or via phone at (01732) 201428,330775


ISKCON Prison Ministries

ISKCON Prison Ministries continues the work of ISKCON devotees who have been helping inmates for many years. Devotees worldwide are writing to inmates and visiting prisons. IPM is trying to expand and co-ordinate this work in North INDIA and beyond. The Ministries' preachers counsel and inspire inmates trying to become Krishna conscious. IPM has been successful in getting Srila Prabhupada's books to inmates who want them. The Ministries' programs in prisons feature chanting, sharing prasadam, and studying and distributing Srila Prabhupada's books. Some inmates quickly become vegetarian and understand that Lord Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. As inmates refer other inmates to Krsna consciousness, the work expands.

please contact us at or via phone at (01732) 201428,330775

Would you like to help?

Financial donations pay for:


  postage for 400 Back to Godhead magazines


  Vaishnava books


  Vaishnava Journals


  postage for our regular Newsletter


Other donations taken include but are not limited to:




  Tulasi neckbeads and japa beads


  music and lecture tapes


  music and lecture CD's


  devotional videos



Become part of a wonderful preaching program.

Help finance this worthy cause or get personally involved.

please contact us at or via phone at (01732) 201428,330775






Buying a new car? Have an old car hanging around you're not using? Paying insurance on a "parked car"? Now you can donate your unused car to Krishna. Either the temple can use your car in Krishna's service or we can sell it or use the funds for maintaining the temple.

Please contact Divya purush Das for more information at (01732) 201428,330775




Two years ago the temple initiated THE FIRST CHECK OF THE MONTH CLUB as a means to meet our fixed monthly expenses. This program has proven to be the most convenient and manageable means of donating for our current club members. We now have a thirty club members. Our goal is to have 10000members. Please join we need your help.


All you have to do is to make a commitment to write the first check you pay for the month to the temple. There is no fixed amount, or financial expectations from the temple. Except that you will send in your check within the first week of the month.


Just send us your name, address, e-mail and phone number to

ISKON Yamunanagar

Hare krishna dham Hare Krishna Marg

Jagadhri Road ,Yamuna Nagar (Hariyana)Pin-135001

Phone: (01732) 201428,330775


We will send you a year's worth of addressed envelopes to make it easy for you.



"I've always wanted to make regular donations to the temple but I was afraid I would not be able to keep my promise. With the First Check of the month Club even if I am having a rough time I can always send at least five dollars."


"I like knowing that I am helping relieve the temple administrations of the "first month expenditures" like gas and electric, water and building insurance."





Make a single gift donation to iskcon yamunanager Project.

Join our monthly giving
  program and become a
  iskcon yamunanager partner to help other.